Happy Hallmark Day!

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So today is Valentine’s Day and I’m guessing you probably purchased something red or pink or made something with those colors. That was awfully nice of you. You are just like me and totally buy into the holiday that was created for Hallmark.

I stopped in there the other day and the place was hopping. Tons of people crowded around the cards and trying to select the one that says just what they want it to…”I sort of like you, but if someone else came along, that would be okay too” or “We used to love each other and then you had that gastric bypass surgery and now I sort of loathe you for all the attention you get” or “You have no idea how I feel about you, but I’m sure that restraining order was just your way of playing hard to get”.

I found one that said enough of what I wanted it to say “I’m living in the kind of marriage everybody wishes they had and I can’t believe how amazing it is. They should be jealous because you really are that awesome” and then I added my own little personal note, of course.

We had no idea how Happy we’d be Today back Then

Although, writing the note took some effort because it’s one of those cards with the velum/clear plastic so they used this thick, treated paper inside that forced me to press down really hard and make indentations in it before the ink would come out. I guess they figured the card said enough and a simple “Love, me” would suffice, but that is the worst way to give a card.

I never understand why we get Christmas cards and birthday cards from people who just sign their names (this is the part where I offend all of them and they never send me a card ever again, to which I say both ‘sorry!’ and ‘I won’t really miss your impersonalized sentiments because I never remembered that you sent them anyway.’ I should note that the only people who can get away with this are the elderly. My grandmother almost never wrote personal notes in her cards when her eyesight was good and her hands didn’t shake, but now that both of those things have been worn away by the tide of years, I couldn’t imagine her painstakingly forming all those letters to write a note. She is given a full reprieve, but all others who are able bodied and of sound mind should really just take a minute to find a kind word to say. It’s not that hard. Is it?


  1. Hey Jud and Kim!
    I’m in a study hall right now, because our teacher is gone today. I just wanted to wish you guys a great and happy Valentine’s Day! I love you both so much!
    Miss you and Love you!

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  3. you know, I agree that people should write a message, but at least they write their name in the card. In my mom’s family they have this weird thing where they don’t even do that because then you can save and re-use the card!

  4. Sometimes less is more! Don’t bag all those who don’t write personals as being uncaring souls -just getting the card says that that person was giving thought to us, which at times is comfort enough:) When I pick out a card for someone for whatever occasion, I have read over many to find the one that best fits the personalities of those I am sending them to. And many times, that is the best one can do:)

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