Happy Mudda’s Day!

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Thanks for…

all those late night feedings – when we were little and when we were in college.

the sacrifices you made so that we could have extra curricular events and play dates (and in those lean years, so that we could eat)

staying at home so that we always had a place to bring our friends and a room mother at school that was actually our real mother

making us sit up straight and turn off the light when we left a room because now we are reaping the benefits (and finding ourselves saying the very things you said to us all those years ago “sit up straight” “does every light in the house need to be on?”

letting us avoid the foods we hate (there were plenty of things we liked other than green beans)

picking your battles

giving more and more freedom as we grew – never enough to kill us but just enough for us to remember who the boss was and how much we needed you

staying with our dad because we know he’s not always easy to live with (neither were we) and you sticking it out taught us how to work through all of the bad stuff as a team and celebrate the good times in style

wanting to be in our lives (now that we are in that whole maturity, life, marriage, stuff) but still keeping out of our ‘business’

laying down your life for us

We love you. Always. Happy Mother’s Day.

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