Hearts and Sighs

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Maybe this will pass, but dudes, I really love teaching my kid(s) at home. A whole lot of moms who do this too keep reminding me not to stress about getting stuff done, but I’m not actually worrying about any of it. We really only need to do one to two pages of our books each day (some just two or three times per week) to get everything done this year so the morning moves really quickly.

I’m a person who loves structure teaching a kid who loves structure, so we’re doing just fine with the schedule. Honestly, it was harder to just be at home with them free form than it has been to implement the school work. I probably won’t be saying this quite so enthusiastically in May, but the second week into it feels great and you know how I love feelings.

So, as it turns out, I heart teaching formally. This really isn’t new news. I’ve always loved to teach, but now that I’m knee deep in it inside of our home, I am happy to be right where I am.

On the other hand, the tiniest one has some pretty messed up sleep going on. I’m gonna boot camp her tiny little bottom this week to try to get her back to two wake ups per night. She’s doing fantastic at everything else – naps are fine, she loves oatmeal but still doesn’t love anything else except oranges, she’s crawling quickly and trying to pull her giant self up onto things, she is madly in love with her older brother and sister, she looks at you when you say her name, but not if her two loves are doing something more interesting.

Meanwhile, this girl has been happy with Strawberry Shortcake coloring tasks and playing with beans for math. She helps me make meals and is in general a fantastic little Mama.

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