Hello? It’s October.

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I was busy. And tired. And possibly thinking of ways to call these in, because typing was starting to seem so old school.

But here I am. Typing. And not as tired. And about to give you some enjoyment from the week. Hang on.

Last Saturday, when our little counter finally reached zero for the game, Jud and I held our breath together during the first drive of the NE game. We quickly exhaled when the points went up fast and the offense appeared to be clicking in much the same way as they had in the first few games. It was reassuring and warm and a bit like the smell of your grandma’s house out of sheer familiarity.

But then our hearts started to crumble with the pass offense and we were tortured for the rest of the game. What would go wrong next? Who would loose the ball this time? Are we going to pull out of this with a win? We were starting to loose our poop.

Overtime came and a touchdown scored and the world allowed those few puzzle pieces to fall into the right places one more time.

The Iowa State game has me sweating. I’m going to have to loosen up before it starts or I may pass out from the stress of it all. Don’t forget your red today!

[In other football related news, our stats for this site jumped up by a eleventy-million when a popular sports jersey site gave us a mention for this post. Here’s the site that gave us the traffic (control F and type in AHMO to see the exact mention), in case you are needing some tips on your sporting attire.]

PS – Today is the Red River shootout, which is literally just down the street from us. Although neither OU nor TX would ever rank in my ‘teams for which I cheer’ category, today I just can’t cheer for burnt orange. So, um, I guess, I’m hoping to hear Boomer Sooner a million times today. I know. I know! I’m sorry.

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