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So, as you probably guessed, we are not posting a ton right now due to the fact that things like sleeping and eating are about all I am focused on. Are we all fed? Can we all sleep now? Who is poopy? These are nearly the sum of my thoughts.

Not really, of course, because as it turns out, this baby we made is actually quite wonderful and fairly cooperative (I’m sure just typing those words will make me eat them later), so there is nothing to complain about concerning his presence or actions. He’s just a normal baby with normal baby needs and one way to express himself. We love all of him and his adorable faces, strong grip and interested eyes. He’s the best.

Here are some recent pictures so you won’t be too disappointed with this post.

Grandma and Gideon

Dad gets his MA

I couldn’t get this one to turn, but you get the idea. Bundled up in the bassinet.

I hope to be on a good schedule soon; one that will allow me to type out the birth story and let you know how this little guy came into our world. However, since doing my hair was a process that started at 10am and was not actually completed until 4pm, you can imagine that the real posts are going to be scarce for a bit. Thanks for not pressuring us to call you back, mail these thank you notes or post more frequently! All in good time.


  1. Thanks for posting! What a handsome little man, and the deserved privilege of grandma getting the first picture on the post! 🙂 Great to hear that all is well in the Mackrill den. Enjoy this special time of taking life slowly and welcoming Gideon into your family. It is such a sweet treat. Can’t wait to meet him! Much love, many kisses, and those ridiculous little baby ooohs and aaahs!! 🙂


  2. Ooohhhhh I have been waiting ever so patiently for a new post!! Awww he is so cute! Love the new pics! I can relate with the hair doing process…. Now if you see me on Sunday morning at church (in the future) and my hair isn’t done…which often is not, you know why!! LOL, especially with two, a shower is a luxury let alone getting the hair done!
    Thanks for posting!
    Oh and you look GREAT!! You don’t even look like you just had a baby! WTG Kim!!!

    Katie Meester

  3. 1st – I LOVE that this post was made at 1:36am, you should have called me…I was up.

    2nd – you all look great in Juds graduation pic.

    3rd – serously where is my thank you card? Slacker!

    Love you guys, see you Friday!!

  4. Congratulations to Jud. He’s got one awesome graduation present there! Glad to hear you’re enjoying Gideon. We’re very happy for you!

  5. about the bassinet photo– I think it’s awesome that every hospital everywhere, for at least the past 5 years, gives everyone those exact same blankets!


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