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– Watching the kids get into the College World Series makes me feel like they are much older than they are. If only I could convince them to cheer for the teams I think should win (NC over Vandy? C’mon Gid! At least he was doing it for honorable reasons. His very good friend just moved to NC and once he heard where they were from, he was all in. Too bad Mama’s team won).

– I am sure that I’m not the only one who appreciates English subtitles for people who are already speaking English.

– Gideon has helped Piper go down for her nap twice this week. He sings songs. He prays for her. Then he tells her to sleep well and shuts her door. It’s one of the sweetest things I have ever listened to.

– Do you follow the Gaffigans on Twitter?  You should. It will bring so much joy to your corner of the world.

– Piper has an intense love for stocking hats. She will wear this particular pink one every time she sees it.  When she pushes her shopping cart around at the same time, she looks like the most adorable homeless two year old ever.

– I am really loving Pinterest these days.

– Summer took a vacation this week and while we love that our air conditioner could be turned off, we have greatly missed the sprinkler. Come back to us soon,  friend!

– The show “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant” always reminds me that I shouldn’t judge these women, but you know I can’t stop myself.

– Naming kids is one thing, naming a business is so much harder.

– The firework stands are back. Must be time for people to blow off their own appendages for no good reason at all.

– Have you been to Cilantro’s?  I’ll write up a review for you soon.

– I am fighting with my hair right now. Frizz. Flat. Dull. Probably directly correlates to all of these self inflicted hair cuts I’ve been enduring.

– We didn’t have any tornados the other night, in spite of the sirens that sounded.  They set them off because of wind. I get it, but still. This is tornado land and we ought to keep those real warnings for the real things. I am a purist.

– If you’ve never, you should read this book.

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