Holy Cow Aldi

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People.  Do you have an Aldi? 

We do. 

And it is awesome.

I bought almost all of the groceries we need for the week and spent just over thirteen dollars.*  That’s right.  Thirteen.  A one and then a three, and that included two bags of wonderfully discounted Easter M&Ms.** Wha?!

I know.

*Granted, I didn’t pick up any meat, but I could have.  It would have been slightly more, but not by much. 

**Most of the time you don’t have brand choices. The M&Ms were brand specific, but it’s not like you’ll stand and look at the milk selection and decide between Roberts and Great Value, or the bread and think “which one of these honey wheat breads has the least amount of sugar?”  It’s more like “Do I need my frozen asian stir fry vegetables to be brand specific?”  My answer, ‘nope.’  My food money envelope? Still has cash in it.


  1. yes – aldi is pretty much sweet-dog. (or should that be sweet-dawg….maybe i shouldn’t even use that word.) anyway…we used to do our shopping there when we had our doctor’s appointments an hour away. i hear the tuna is a bit creepy, so stear clear…but other than that we too love the savings that can be had there. groceries are getting ridiculous…i’m stinkin tired of the price of eggs. congrats though on such victorius grocery shopping.

  2. just catching up cuz our internet has been down this past week. I loved your story about the park, that’s great! and I have to tell you that Winter also chose to say “all done” instead of signing it. a funny choice for a first word, but still, great!

    And I have no idea what Aldi is, but it sounds terrific! We have 1 store here that is kind of like shopping at the gas station. everything is at least 2x as much as it should be. We drive a couple hours to the “real store”.

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