Holy Cow, It’s Almost Here

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Starting tomorrow morning, you can finally make your voice heard about the next four years.  In case you were thinking about skipping the lines and heading out to do something more self-indulgent with your time, you might want to consider that there’s a free cup of Starbucks coffee in the deal.  Additionally, there’s that whole having the right to speak out about what’s happening politically, a right that I believe you forfeit if you can’t be bothered enough to go cast your vote.  So, get up early, pack up the kids and get er done.



FYI: For the state of NE – Tuesday 4 November 2008 polling hours 8:00a CST (1400 UTC) / 7:00a MST (1400 UTC) to 8:00p CST (0200 UTC) / 7:00p MST (0200 UTC). The polls open and close at the same GMT/UTC time, that is, polls open and close at a particular local time in the advanced time zone and open and close one hour earlier local time in the lagging time zone.



Totally unrelated:  I just learned that lady bugs bite.  That goes against everything ladies stand for.  C’mon lady bugs!  I vote for you to stop biting.  That is just lame, especially since I’m finding so many of you hanging out around here these days.


  1. It’s too bad Starbucks coffee tastes like they use a garbage dumpster as a coffee filter.

  2. Lady Bugs voted 3 times to continue biting people last year alone. Can we live 4 more years with lady bugs around? Do we really want more of the same?

    This comment was paid for by the Committee against Lady Bugs.

  3. Here Here!

    (to both comments)

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