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One of the scary parts of homeschooling for me was the idea that our entire house would suddenly turn into a classroom. Don’t get me wrong. The whole house already is a classroom. We’re learning everywhere, but I didn’t want it to look like we live in a public school room. We still need to live here, ya know?

So here is how we are keeping our sanity in the midst of the addition of books and math games and geography puzzles:

Each day has a slightly different set of subjects to cover. This is Wednesday. Thursday’s includes science lab, Friday has history too. Math is first thing every day so that we start with his favorite thing.

One for each day! Once he starts reading these will make more sense.

These are the bins (thanks, Target!) that hold the school stuff. Well, they hold everything except the Science experiment bag. It has some semi-dangerous stuff in there, so we’ll be storing that somewhere higher.

Math manipulatives, tiny books with stories about Dan and how he ran, dry erase markers, dry erase crayons. This is the bin that makes me feel nervous for the day I find one of the girls writing on a wall. I’m sure I’ll let you know if/when that occurs.

The school books…all ripped up and inserted into page protectors so that he can write with dry erase markers and we can use them for the next child too. They fit so nicely in the bins. My organizational heart is happy.

Part of how he’ll learn geography this year — puzzles of every world region.

The best part! When school is over, everything is packed away.

Do you have an organization project that you are loving right now? Have you solved the problem of laundry baskets (you know, the one where I put the laundry in there but it takes forever for me to put the clean stuff away)? Tell me! Tell me how you are doing it!!

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  1. LOVE it! So inspiring Kim. I was just thinking I should probably put some kind of folder together….even if we are doing pre-k kind of simple. I have to have things out of my head and ordered some how. Love the bins and I completely agree on the whole classroom feel dilemma. Not sure how to create a “school space” – but this is a good example of how the school space gets packed away every day. Great alternative. On the laundry dilemma….well, I’m not much help. I have entitled this summer, “the one where we all lived out of the laundry basket”.

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