Hypothetically Speaking, of course

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Let’s say you and I made a deal. We made an outline of the deal and put it down on paper and possibly had some other people look at it and agree that this was a good deal and that both sides of the deal would benefit from it and all of that. Then, let’s say we both signed the deal and made it all official like.

Later let’s say someone in my family was all “I totally object to this part of the deal!” and maybe “This was a bad deal when you made it so I don’t think I need to honor it.”

What do you suppose the law might say about something like that? What do you suppose I might say about that? I think you are right.

I also think it is time for my side of the family to honor the deal because…

A) You know, that whole legalality of it all thing.
B) I am starting to feel like a total idiot for having to ask you for more and more things to prove that your thing is valid.
C) That family member of mine is really just power tripping and there’s not one thing I can do about it (on this side of the law, I mean).
D) I cannot keep talking about this thing that happened in 2005 when it is almost 2007. It’s making my brain hurt too much.

Or then again, maybe we could all just keep beating this bloated, rotting horse carcass instead of thinking of ways to make next year’s deal more clear and precise. I can see how that might appear to be more fun. I can also see why retention is not as high as it could be. And maybe I could see how nobody doing anything to solve the problem is not really a problem for anybody except me and the other party who agreed to the deal and just a few other people in my family, none of whom have the power to make everyone put down their beating sticks and sit down to work on the future.

I’d speculate a little bit more with you, except that I can see a spot on the horse’s leg that hasn’t yet been beaten. I better hurry.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Wow, I even got phone calls about this cryptic, ridiculous post. It is not about family. It is not about you. It is about some junkity junk junk at work that was really scheeving me out yesterday. It was written through blind anger and possibly baby hormones. You should probably just back away slowly.


  1. i have no idea what this post is about. but that is okay… i just want to let you know you are in my thoughts a lot and i am almost done with my semester and i will call you soon soon soon!!! school has been all-consuming. i love you and your mysterious blogs!!! we will be friends in the same city soon soon soon!!! yay

  2. The 1st step to stop beating a horse is to drop your club…Nothing but love for you both.

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