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So, I wrote a post here the other day.  A really awful, semi-whiny post about how I am not feeling the New Year high of productivity and am instead slacking to my little slacker heart’s content.  And then it got eaten by the interwebs and I shrugged. It was so sad and pathetic that I immediately got off my lazy rear and started doing things.  Important things, like making the bed and a sandwich.

I am still attempting to figure out how the pictures work on this here new fangled site, so you’ll just have to keep waiting to see those shiny little bottom teeth.  What?  tEEth?  As in multiple tooths?  Yes.  He has two and they are pointy and sharp and great for biting Mama’s shoulder or arm or legs with.  Other awesome things include saying “hi” and “Mama”, pulling out anything he can reach in cabinets, pulling himself up on anything that’s nearby including but not limited to chairs, stairs, people’s pants, the refrigerator, walls and the sliding glass door. 

Swimming class rocks his face off.  He is the youngest in his class but the most excited to get in the pool.  His favorite part by far was when his teacher gave him a ball to chase.  He has very little fear of anything, especially not water.  He did attempt to bite the water, which resulted in some serious coughing and spitting, but that didn’t deter him from trying to wiggle out of my grasp and toward the ball.  He thought about how unfortunate it was that I wouldn’t let him reach his full swimming/ball chasing potential. Maybe Daddy will let him be all he can be in the pool this week.

In dog drama, Tuffy sprained his foot.  Wha?! Yes.  He is all limpy and pathetic and insists (once again) that someone carry him up and down the stairs…unless he is really wanting to go up or down and then he manages just fine.  Lovely.  He thinks we are all suckers. Me thinks he is right.

 We are now just a couple of weeks away from starting the house shuffle. I am completely stressing out over picking wall colors and new fixtures for the lights (What if we choose INCORRECTLY?! We will have to LIVE with UGLY THINGS that we PAID FOR!  Before we could blame landlords and property management companies and the universe, but now the blame will lie solely on our shoulders.  You will be able to judge us for the missteps.  And I will be forced to hang my head in shame).  Slightly over the top?  Yeah, I don’t know any other way to roll.

 Now I am going to go peruse interior design sites that will tell me what I need to do to beautify my home.  Later, while standing in Home Depot, I will remember none of the advice.

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  1. How fun to hear all that Gideon is up to these days! Can’t wait to see more pics…though I’ve heard it is trickier on these sites – of course I have faith in you figuring it out though.

    Funny on the house drama. We are excited for you guys and all of the fun work ahead…that’s right…fun and work in the same sentence…cause when it’s your own..it’s a whole new ball game! Yea for home ownership! It makes all those mortgage payments worth it….right?!:)

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