I Miss You, I guess that I should

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I suppose I should give you some sort of exciting story from the weekend, but I’m not sure that I’ve got the time to type out all the things I’ve been telling people about now, so I’ll just give you some highlights:

-got bumped to 1st class on the flight out
-sat by a guy who was lying about being a cement salesmen
-lying man turns out to be the Marshal for the flight
-he tells me this by saying “i have a gun” and luckily I don’t scream or immediately try to take him out (what, I’m tough)
– met up with mom while picking up my bag on the carousel in BWI
– drove through the pouring ran to: Annapolis, Baltimore, Annapolis, Greenwood, Annapolis, DC, Annapolis, Annandale, DC and Annapolis
– it stopped raining the morning I left – drove in sunshine back to Baltimore
– saw Grandad & Nana Bragg, Grans, and Grandad & Grandmom Mackrill
– shopped and bought a trifle bowl for my cousin
– mom bought me a cute skirt from ann taylor immediately after i purchased the bowl
– ate and ate and ate (Highlights: HUGE crab cakes at G&Ms in Baltimore, Crab Bisque, 16 0z Beer Braised Steak, Chocolate Mousse-Cheesecake at Brewery in DC and a Doubledog & chocolate milkshake from Ann’s Dairy Cream. yes, you should be jealous. no, i didn’t go to the gym today. lay off, i’m sleepy
– went to my cousin’s wedding where people got pretty lit and my grandmother, who was not, was the talk of the reception. The woman has some sweet dance moves.
– inside Wendy’s, saw a man severely bleeding from the head while eating french fries
– outside Wendy’s, left quickly after witnessing drug deal
– laughed at things that are actually very very sad, like alcoholism, adultery and various other things that should provoke heavy feelings and not light ones
– cried big tears when my mom and grandmother pulled away from the curb leaving me no other choice but to return to Texas
– found Texas not stifling hot and did not turn on the air conditioner upon arriving home.
– cried when i found beautiful flowers on the kitchen table from my husband because he was glad to have me home. said home was in great shape, with no dishes waiting and a made bed.

That more than sums it all up, I’d say.

[For those of you wondering, my game continues: blue striped shirt, short sleeved black sweater, long gray skirt. I’m still winning.]


  1. Kim…I am amazed at your success in this game of clothing coordination ….you make me laugh out loud…only to realize I am the exact same way and only wish I could have that kind of victory over ward robe repetition…but i guess it’s never too late to start..maybe you’ve just inspired me….
    ….except don’t you ever miss wearing ‘certain’ combinations…and then feel tempted to wear them again?…
    …oh well, carry on strong for the rest of us Kim!

  2. Tawnya – Since it’s only a work game, I can wear my favorites when we go out or to church or whatever, so i get to keep my favorites and still win at my game. I think I’m finding out just how much stuff I have too. It keeps me from wanting to buy new stuff, which is a pretty huge benefit.

    Thanks for posting! I’m always checking to see if anyone has any response to the stuff we write, and it’s not very often when someone does. I don’t know if people even know about posting, so it’s no big deal. It’s just nice to hear what others think after they reaad.

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