I Should Really Just Stop Talking

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Tonight we had people over to our house and at the end of our time together I made this huge loud statement that was completely out of line and quite honestly just completely offensive. Why did I say it?

I’d like to say that I don’t know why it was said. That it just slipped out. That it was totally out of character. That I’ve never said anything like that before. That it was some bizarre anomaly.

But all of that would be a total lie.

I said it because, like Nebuchadnezzar himself, I am and there is no other. I am so proud and so filled with self righteousness that evil things leak from my pores like the stench of filth from the sewer in front of the DoubleTree in downtown Omaha. My terrific pride – displayed for all to see.

I think those seven years of wandering around like an animal are going to be long. I hope that the twelve months of time to repent and do what is right, namely to honor God and take myself off of this high horse, aren’t over yet. But if they have passed, I pray that it won’t take seven years before I can acknowledge that the Most High is and there is no one beside Him.

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