Ice Day

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Today is an ice day and everything is cancelled. Given the fact that it’s MLK Day, I think this is just God’s way of reprimanding everyone who was ignoring the holiday.

Of course, one of the big reasons Jud is celebrating the day off is because there are two more hours of Jack to watch tonight and otherwise he would’ve had to be in class, missing all of the Bauer Power. Speaking of 24, what did you think of the first two hours of the premiere?…….Mhmm…..Mhmm. Well, I thought the first hour could’ve used a little more action, although I suppose I have to give Jack a little time to get his full-on kill powers back. I did note that the “Sacrificial Jack” (whom I may have referred to as “Jesus-Jack” last night [And yes, I fully recognize the blaspheme that’s involved with that]) made a rather quick jump to “Vampire Jack”. We we’re pretty impressed with what Jud described as Jack’s “best kill ever.”

In keeping with the tv theme, you should know that I am now watching A Baby Story and totally freaking myself out. This woman just got a police escort to the hospital as her husband was already running red lights and she was shrieking to all heck. Granted, it was her sixth kid, but the baby all but shot out of her, nearly in the car. Even after the kid was there, the husband couldn’t help but reliving his awesome driving skills and how he flagged down a cop to get them to the hospital in time. I think he may have been more impressed with his driving than the new baby.

Watching them trot out to the car made me feel panicky about having a hospital bag and wonder what to include and all of that. Good thing we are still a few months away from that mess, especially since we still need to get out and register for all that baby junk.

We were going to do it on Saturday but the rain and the cold and the fact that I have to pee every ten seconds made our one outing a little stressful. I wasn’t going to tell you about it because I didn’t want to admit that I was returning one of my Christmas gifts that didn’t fit, but the story is too good to pass up, so here it is, in all of it’s glory.

We walked into this Baby Momma store and stood behind two other women who were returning items. There were two women working behind the counter, but only one of them was actually helping customers. The other one was just standing around. This wasn’t too frustrating, but it was a little warm in the store, so I knew the longer we stood there the hotter we would get. We passed the time by looking around (from our place in line) at other things we could purchase instead, since we had the gift receipt, which explicitly said you could only receive an in-store credit.

When it was finally our turn at the counter, I put the item on the counter and handed her the gift receipt. She asked me if I wanted an in-store credit, to which I replied, “Isn’t that all you can give me?”

She nodded her head and said, “Yes.”

“Well, if that’s my only option, then, yes, I’ll take that option.” I shot Jud one of those ‘get a load of this brilliance’ looks.

Next, she asked me why I was returning them and I told her. She stared at me, like part of my face had been ripped off in a horrible accident, and granted, I’d been blunt, but it’s not like I’d been grotesque. I offered a little more explanation, in less blunt terms, and she went back to her computer screen.

Then she asked me for my phone number. I gave her a false one (because I always give clerks the wrong information when they ask for my personal information. They have no need to know this information and I’m not going to just give it out for no reason). Next she asked for my zip code and I gave her false information again.

She asked who gave me the gift, and although I was getting really irritated by this point, I gave her a general idea of where it came from. Then she asked for my due date and I lost it. “Why do you need to know that?” I huffed.

“For our database.”

“Is the information not on the gift receipt for you to give me the credit?”

“The information is here but I have to fill out our database too.”Jud jumped in here and gave her a false due date and then she finally got out a card to put the credit on and finished the rest of the process. By the time we finally got the card, I did not want to look around for anything else, I just wanted out of that sauna and away from the idiocy that was behind the counter.

So yeah, that’s why we didn’t make it anywhere to register for anything. I was afraid we’d run into more of that level of humanity, and I just could not deal with that and a full bladder at the same time. So, we came home and watched playoff games instead. The end.


  1. That sounds like a very weird store that they wanted all that information! Don’t worry about your hospital bag, when it comes time to pack just ask for advice like you just did about registering. I’m sure everybody has lots of tips on what you do and don’t need. And I’d be very suprized if your baby was born in the car. when I was pregnant I steered clear of shows like that and books like “what to worry about when you’re expecting” because there’s just too much to get worked up over. Whatever IS going to happen to you will be something you havent’ seen on TV or read about, there would be no way to be totally prepared, you know?

    Enjoy your ice storm. When everything’s frozen and iced over up here they just put some gravel down and call it another day in MT. we won’t miss it too much.

  2. Hey Kim–just a little FYI. I was at Target today and they have tons of baby stuff on clearance and the shelves are almost bare in some areas, so you may want to wait a little bit longer to register b/c I think they have signs up saying they are bringing new stuff in. But, if you want to spend some money now on clearanced baby items–go for it–I did! 🙂

  3. I love 24 started the season off with the biggest drama possible, five suitcase nukes. It’s going to be an interesting season!

    By the way, a friend of ours delivered his wife’s baby in their house. They’re hippies and all, but it was unintentional. It made for a good story though.

  4. Brandon,

    We know quite a few people who do or have done the all natural, at home thing. However, I’m not a huge fan of my baby smelling like patchouli.

    As far as 24 goes, I think we’re both struggling to find a character we really like. Broken spirited Jack isn’t too great – however it looks like he might be on the rebound next week. Although the vampire-esque kill was pretty outrageous. (Who knows, Jack may have become a cannibal while in China? That would trump season three’s heroin addiction.) And the problems with CTU (e.g., Cloe and her multiple love interests) is really getting on my nerves. Aside from Bill Buchanan, I wouldn’t have minded CTU being at ground zero last night. Here’s to a more eventful remaining 18 hours.

  5. I about died laughing reading your little story, thats too funny but so true.
    And I saw your pops at the local Walmart tonight…by the way I didn’t have Elijah with me just Evan and he is still in the carseat, meaning he can’t run away…so I was taking my sweet little time at the checkout for 20 items or less, LOL, and I hear someone yelling “Katie, lets take a little more time” I was about to jump around and say “EXCUSE ME, I AM IN RELAX MODE HERE” then I saw your dad and just smiled. Because PLEASE when I am alone or without Elijah I take my dear sweet precious time!!!
    Katie Meester

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