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So these are some of our friends in Dallas. Here’s the run down, from left to right.

Brandon & Zanna

He’s from OK and she’s from LA. He can rope. She sells Arbonne. He works for Bob. We met them through Daniel & Jennifer (whom you will meet in just a second).

Jud & Kim

We are own best friends down here. We had a super great weekend and we didn’t go anywhere special or “do” anything with anyone. It was just us and it was the best weekend we’ve had in months. Just quiet and simple and good.

Daniel & Jennifer

They’re from OK and though they went to school in Stillwater, they are OU fans. We love hanging out with them and met them while we were church hopping. We hopped together for a while and would love to end up in the same place as them, if that works out well for everyone. We’ll see what happens, but we just enjoy them a ton. They both work for Bob now. She did work at this terrible place, but has been saved from the horrors of things like cold calling and ALWAYS (even with long pants) wearing panty hose. They went to church with Brandon & Zanna before they moved to Texas.

Michael & Katherine

Don’t know them very well, really. Jud did play Settlers at their apartment complex while Kim was in DC. Speaking of DC, Kim is really digging the Postal Service’s “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” and “Nothing Better”. Check them out. You may want to dance too.

We are going to a joint birthday celebration for Brandon’s birthday and for Jennifer’s birthday. Can you guess how old they are? Probably not. You are not a good guesser.

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