If there are losers, than there must be a…

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Okay, so maybe when I started this little idea, I didn’t think about the fact that I might hate the idea of choosing one of you over another. That maybe your feelings would get all mushy and trampled over and you might stop reading this thing or, even worse, stop laughing when you read it because “she thinks she knows everything” and also “she thinks she is the funniest thing ever” or possibly “doesn’t she know how awesome I am?!”. So, with fear in my heart that the losers might feel, well, loser-ish, but with every expectation of glorifying the one who won, I give you….

The Winner.

The Prize.

$10 from Scooters
Check your desk at work when you get back from the Appalachia of the Midwest and it’ll be there, delivered by a magical Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie Fairy.

The Future.
To all you losers out there, don’t give up. You never know when a contest will creep back onto this blawg. And also, thank you for your entries. You made me smile and laugh and love you all the more.

The Lurkers.
I ask, “Why won’t you delurk?”
You answer, “Because we might lose and then you might call us losers.”
I say, “Point taken.”

Once again,


  1. Hey Jud, you’re up late too. Thanks for the advice! As much as I want an SUV, the practicality of my budget and rising gas prices won out. I bought a Chevy Malibu tonight (and now I can’t sleep). I love it! Though, I did REALLY want an Accord, I just didn’t have enough green stuff. Next time.

    (sorry, this has nothing whatsoever to do with your blog topic!)

  2. Ok, next time I’m playing. Game is ON!!! Congratulations Jeremy!!! They don’t have Scooter’s here:(

  3. I am requesting a special congressional committee to investigate the obvious fraud that took place in this competition since I did not win. Nothing short of total victory will be satisfactory; otherwise, I will be compelled to move to Florida and sulk with the other losers.

  4. Yeah! Jeremy will be so excited when he hears the news! Hope all is well with you two.

  5. First of, I would like to thank God for without Him, none of this would be possible. Also, I’d like to thank my agent, Enrique, . . . I love you man!!!

    Oh, who am I missing? I’d also like to thank all my fans out there. Whenever I’m down, you’re always there to pick me up.

    (The wrap it up music begins. . . )

    OH MAN, So many to thank. Kim, Sarah, Leah, Poppie. You are a worthy adversary.

    (Shepherd’s staff enters stage left and yanks Jeremy off)

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