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Last night was a date night. The kind of night that requires me to come home (late) from work and sleep for precisely one hour before going out so that I will not be mean during the event. It’s not that I ever want to be mean(especially on something as wonderful as a night out on the town), it’s just that wearing shoes and makeup and being civil to strangers is what I do all day and a lot of times when I pull into the carport, all I want to do is remove the shoes, makeup and civility.

(For all of you now judging me…It’s no work to be civil to Jud. He’s my best friend so I don’t have to put forth any effort when he tells me something. I already care and I already love him, unlike on the date, where we will encounter waiters and ticket givers and theatre goers and other customers who have potential to muck up the whole evening.)

Having slept for said hour, I put on my snazzy new shoes
(A gift from the hubs)

some fresh makeup, and off we went to PF Chang’s…many thanks to Jerome & Laura for the gift card! It was delicious, as always.

Our waiter, a Chris Carrabba wannabe with strange tag lines and not much confidence disappeared somewhere after my third iced mango peach tea. We waited, patiently, I might add, because we were having a really great time with each other, and also observing the other patrons, one of whom proclaimed “Is there a manager? Because you just ruined my sisters 25th birthday!”, making us giggle and snicker. I mean, sure, the service in all of Texas is pretty sad and most of the restaurants aren’t the cleanest, but ruining a birthday seems a bit much. You gotta learn to roll with it, woman! Anyway, with twenty minutes before the start of our movie, I broke down and asked the hostess if she could bring us our check and some boxes for the leftovers. She was very sweet and very prompt and if we would’ve been tipping her, we would’ve been more generous.

On to the AMC where we bought two tickets for The Sentinel. I won’t spoil it for you, but if you love 24, like we love 24, you should probably just wait for your next dose of Kieffer on Monday night. However, if you’ve got a little time to kill and your expectations are low, you might want to drop a few bucks on it. There’s no especially obscene scenes that I can remember, so I think I’m recommending it to you with very mild caution….some people die (but not as many as Jack Bauer would’ve taken out) and there is some implied bau-chica-bau-bau (but the deeds are kept off screen).

We liked it okay, but I think we both enjoyed taunting the carport cats more.

The fat lazy cats hang out and sun themselves up here for hours.

Sometimes they fight each other and it’s pretty WWF. Sometimes, we put tuna cans on top for them to lick.

Sometimes we leave the tuna cans there because they are full of water after storms.


  1. Hi Mrs. Kim, I love the picture of your shoes, they are so cute. You are hilarious. Hope you had a fun on your date. Check me out on
    Love, Hailey Moore 🙂

  2. Hailey! I’m so glad you left me a post. Mr. Jud and I have been checking out your page over there and we LOVED seeing your beautiful face (and Toby’s cool halloween costume and how baby Chloe’s growing too)! I heard that your family is going to be stopping over in Dallas on your way to your new home and I would love to take you and your whole family to our favorite place for breakfast. A little bird told me that your mom wants to try “Prom Cakes” ;-). Mr. Jud and I are really excited about that idea. Actually, before Mr. Jud realized that the Air Force hires people to move all your stuff into your new home, he said “We ought to drive down and help the Moores move in” but I explained about how that is not really such a big deal when you have lots of help from people that are being paid. However, with your family so close (by Texas standards, you really aren’t all THAT far away down there), we’ll have to make the trip down to say hello and go see the sights. Say hi to your mom and dad for us! Love, Kim

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