In Spite of the Weather

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We had a great weekend. 

The Olympic Swimming Trials rolled into town this weekend, so we went down to the open house to check it all out.  Gideon loved the pool.  And it didn’t hurt that there was music pumping while they practiced either.  You can check out his pool love here.

Or you can just look at the still pictures.

Afterwards, we walked over to the Art Festival where Gideon painted his first watercolor. This one’s for you Aunt Allison!

As we were leaving, Gideon made one of his ape like grunts toward a group of balloons blowing in the wind, so we got him a red one to take with us.  He only hit Jud in the head once while we were driving home, which I thought was pretty good, all things considered.  

The four faces of Gideon:

He really loves balloons. 


  1. How cool was that? !! But, where did that pool come from? Did they just set it up in the middle of the civic center? Gideon was cute – are you sure he was dancing or maybe did he have to go to the bathroom with all that water going around =D
    Looks like everybody had a good time!
    Love ya

  2. Love you too! Jud and I were just talking about our 4th of July two years ago. Seems like forever ago and yesterday all at the same time!

    They set up the pool at the Qwest Center (the new convention center) and they put up two of them – a practice pool and the official one. It’s huge!

  3. we watched the swim trials tonight – awesome. Did you guys get a chance to go today – some amazing stuff!
    Later gater.

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