Independence Day

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Today is Gideon’s two month birthday. He is going to love all that birthday cake we’re going to feed him. The neighbors decided to throw a huge party for him yesterday that lasted well into the night. They were screaming and drinking and having a great time, right around the time he was born. It was pretty special, especially when they shot off all those fireworks. They really went all out.


  1. Happy 4th! I can’t get over how big Gideon is getting. Thanks for posting that series of pictures…that kid just gets cuter & cuter!! Love you guys!

  2. OMG!! He is getting so big! love all the pics!! love ya ronke

  3. Aren’t those gummy smiles of babies just the best?! =) I’m sure I’ll say it with most every post, but Gideon is just precious! And, I sure hope I get to see for myself that adorable smile! Much love to you all!!!

  4. Gosh Kim, he has really grown since you left! We miss you!

  5. That is so cool that Gideon got fireworks for his 2 month birthday, he he! Thanks for posting all the great pictures. Hope life in Omaha is going well. Send us your new address sometime.

  6. I wish someone would throw me a party like that for my birthday! I hope you guys are doing well, we miss you guys!

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