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Well, things are starting to slow down with school. I’ve finished most all of my actual work, with exception to some reading. However, I have to exams to prepare for on wednesday. And I’m sure that they’ll occupy a good share of my time over the next few days. In related school news, things worked out for my father-in-law, Rick, to take a class with me during early January so I’m pretty pumped about that.

As far as Kim goes, she’s found herself pretty busy this week with work. And as many of you know, she’s been involved in this “game” where she has been trying to never wear the same outfit twice to work. In spite of her large amount of clothing, things have now become a bit desperate. Lately the combinations have gotten more and more bazaar. Considering that she’s worn a different outfit each day for the time she’s worked this job (August til December 16), I consider her to be the champion of the game. If you feel similarly, please let her know. Maybe we can go together and get her a trophy or something.
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  1. Yes, end the fight Kim – we all know you are a must be exhausted with all that work! I applaud you and think you deserve a trophy of some sort as well…..maybe a new pair of shoes or something….eh?…Jud?

  2. well, I really wasnt thinking of feeding the fire with the trophy 🙂

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