It finally came

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I got to apply for my job today. For those who are confused, I technically work for a staffing agency (something I did NOT understand about the job before I took it because they used ridiculous euphemisms like “Contractor” and the like, to avoid saying “Temp Job”). Anyway, I guess they really do like me and want me to keep doing what I’m doing because they went through a lot of paperwork and phone calls and emails to make my job a permanent one, and people, that means benefits. Benefits for me. Benefits for Jud. Benefits for you (aka no more listening to me complain about the benefits I pay for. Out of my pocket. After taxes. Through my nose.).

So, I applied and am hoping that I am the most qualified candidate. There is another person at work who I believe may be upset by this turn of events for a few reasons. She tried to rain on my little parade (that didn’t really go anywhere, except maybe side to side in my little swivel office chair). I’m sure she’s just wishing that they would make her job permanent too and I wish that for her as well, but I do not want to stop my party wagon to sit by the side of Temp Job Row. It is a sad little row to sit on and I’ve been sitting there since August. It’s time for me to move on. And, I’m moving on.

Here is my home for eight hours a day.

It is a nice home with gray walls and friendly people and even the Schwann man visits. He came today and I bought some delicious pork egg rolls (thanks to Scott & Gaye for buying Schwann egg rolls way back in the day — 93? or 95?). So after I went to the store tonight, I made fried rice and heated up the egg rolls and let me tell you, we ate well. Thank you Schwann man…where ever you are.


  1. Windows 2000 eh? Sweet. They better hurry up and get you your laptop.

  2. you need to get a more updated map. it looks like you only have nine states. also, i like the small wire cage you have on your desk. perhaps some bingo is in order?

  3. yes, bingo and hamster torturing all in one day. my cube is the party cube.

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