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In the span of a few short weeks, the weeks in which I abandoned you, the world has expanded past its usual borders into realms before unknown.  How so?  Let me expound:

1. Gideon has a tooth.  One jagged little bottom tooth with which he is ripping open the top gumline and over which he runs his cute little pink baby tongue.  It is really amazing to think that on New Year’s day we put him down for a nap and he was just a swollen-gummed little seven month old and when he woke up he was ready for a steak.  We made kabobs to welcome the tooth (and the New Year).  He totally dug the steak, probably because of the tasty marinade.

 2. We purchased our very first home.  It doesn’t have wheels or anything!  It’s officially a big ol’ chunk of debt that we will pay down in nice sized portions.  At least it’s appreciating debt.  Right? Working with the loan officer was quite a trip. Let’s say you were a person who specialized in putting together paperwork so that people could go into debt.  I bet you’d make some kind of checklist or something to make sure that you have everything by the time the people are signing all of the closing paperwork.  I bet you would because you are so smart.  Also, because it would seem really odd to call the people to whom you gave a bunch of money three days after the closing and ask them to send you some more information.  It would probably confirm to the people that they should never bank with you and possibly look forward to when their loan is sold off to some other bank. 

 3. Christmas came and it was very good.  And now it is gone and all the decorations have been put away and that feels even better. The holidays have so much hype and it tends to get under my skin the way a meth user talks about the bugs and I can’t quite get rid of it until all of the tinsel is gone.  Now it is the New Year and since it is awfully cold outside, I am hibernating.  I’m not ready to get back to all of the activities just yet, so I’m glad we’ve got this week to keep things low.  We have gotten back to our normal schedules though, as everyone is off to work and the behbeh and I can finally watch Maury without interuptions again.

 4. Speaking of fun things to do with the baby, I’ve decided that he is going to love to swim and that swimming should commence post haste.  We got bags and bags full of clothes from a friend whose little boy is older and one bag had swimming trunks.  Teeny tiny baby trunks and I am now convinced that it is a sign.  He loves the water.  We have trunks.  Now all we need are swimming lessons (just checked the Rec Center info and the classes start soon!).  He is going to flip when he sees that giant bathtub.

 5. I put the baby down for his first nap of the day 37 minutes ago and he is still crying.  Rebecca is here and she can hear him freaking out.  Sorry, Rebecca!  And sorry Gideon!  I hope we are all friends after this.  I’m going to go get him now because the crying is not abating and is growing much louder (a sure sign he is standing up for this freak out). He’ll be attempting to make his escape soon, so I’d better intervene before he makes a shiv out of his blanket. 


  1. Holy Mackrills (that was wonderfully lame, I know). Congratulations on the home purchase. We’re light-years away from that step, the market is DC isn’t slowing much at all. I hope you all have a wonderful 2008.


  2. Also, welcome to WordPress bliss!

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