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[CONTEST: I’ll send a prize to the first person who can tell me which song I am referencing in the title of this post. Prizes may include a dachshund who will not stop whining, any number of items I marked for a garage sale during our packing (we have so much stuff that I’d forgotten about!), or a gift card for something super delicious.]

[NOTE TO KD REGARDING LAST POST SWEARING ALEIGANCE TO SCOOTERS: I haven’t had your coffee yet! I will soon! I can be converted. I am open. Also, to convince me, please feel free to let me sample as many drinks as you’d like.]

It’s my first full day somewhere in middle America and I’ve gotta tell you that I feel good about it. That probably has a lot to do with the fact that I slept in a bed for the first time in four weeks last night (This is the part where I get a lot of snarky tongue clicks from people who think I’m ruining my child by co-sleeping on the sofa. Next is the part where I am crushed by the guilt because I am terrified they might be right). Gideon slept in the Pack and Play (Laurie, you are going to get so many hugs and kisses for sending that thing over to Paula’s!!) and I didn’t even have to crawl in there with him. But, and here is the part where every person in the US calls CPS on me….I let him sleep on his tummy.

Excuses for breaking the federal government’s recommendation for how my son should sleep:

1. The kid is so much like me. His stomach is the sleep maker. It gurgles and it growls and it feels so good to pull those legs up under himself when the gas is going through. Tummy sleeping is gas friendly.

2. Startle-reflex. Let me tell you that he throws his arms up and says “yeah” about every ten minutes when he’s on his back (even in his car seat, or the swing, or the papasan). It’s like he’s doing the wave, but very unexpectedly since he has to wait for it to get all around the room before he can through his hands up again. (Parents are now all “that’s why you swaddle him, stupid. Too which I say, see #3).

3. He hates swaddling. He screams. He kicks. He loses his mind as soon as he loses the ability to shove his little hands up by his face. Do you remember his pictures in utero? The hands were by the face. That is where the hands go. Leave the hands alone, lady. And so I do.

4. He is strong. Since his very first week, he could lift his head up. Turning from side to side is so week number two and he is very much over all the fuss about that. Watch him do this one handed push up (that one’s for Joe! [or maybe Ronke]).

5. And, as Dave Barry would note, I swear I am not making this up, on our very last night in Dallas, while Ronke and I watched……he rolled over. From tummy to back. Sure, it might have been a coincidence. The stars may have aligned just perfectly while the earth was shaking or something, but whatever the circumstances, at one point my son was pushing himself up with his hands and then launched himself onto his back. At five weeks. He hasn’t had a repeat performance, but now I know that it’s possible. So possible that he should not be left alone on any surface other than the floor. So possible that I am breaking the rules of safety to let him sleep the way he wants to.

6. The pack and play is big and open and the sheets are very snug and I cannot imagine how he could suffocate himself in that thing.

7. Grandma’s got my back.

So, people, if you disagree with my decision, don’t tell me. I didn’t post this to get your advice. It still makes me a little nervous, but we all grew up that way and we are here. Back when the conventional wisdom was the opposite of today’s albeit more informed ways, most kids still were fine. And I am praying that Gideon will be fine too. So for all of you who desperately want to post statistics about SIDS, just pray for him instead. It will have more of an impact and will keep me from loosing my mind with worry.

(Don’t forget about that contest, peeps.)


  1. Is it Moment of Truth by Foreigner?

  2. Just to let you know…i did exactly what sarah s (?) probably did: googled it. And, if my googling serves me well, she must be right with her guess. But, frankly, I’ve not known of you to be a foreigner fan. I’m thinking it could be a whole host of options. =) Moving right along…I’m so proud of you! YAHOO for sleeping in a bed!! But, finally, I must say that this morning marked the beginning of another of my “not-so-favorite” days. Not gonna lie, watching your belongings get loaded onto a big truck headed far, far away was not on my list of “must accomplish” in my lifetime! But, I will support your plan and keep praying regardless. =) Happy First Day back up there…far, far away. Random sidenote: as previously stated, I did hug Jud…sweat, stink, and all!

  3. Sorry, Sarah (and Jenn too). I will give you all a hint and let you know that the song was released within the last 10 years.

  4. Calling CPS in 3..2..1, I will also alert them to the crazy weight training schedule you have Gideon on, as well as the all protein/no carb diet. Let him have some bread!!!! love ya ronke

  5. I think it’s from Alison Krauss’ “It Don’t Matter Now”. Am I right?!

  6. Grandma wins!!!! She will be receiving a large van load of goods around midnight tonight.

    Grandma – feel free to choose your favorite item out of the truck (or maybe we should just go get a snack together tonight) 😉

  7. Aw man!!! I was going to guess Alison Krauss (you probably don’t know that Daniel and I have alot of history with her), but you didn’t strike me as a big follower of her either! That’s what I get for thinking too much. =) Next time I am just throwing myself out there and going with my gut. HA! I am anxious to hear how the travels went for the other half of the family.

  8. As long as you use a carseat correctly I’m not gonna get on your case for once in a while saying “I understand this rule, but I’m the mom and I’m gonna break this one.” 🙂 I hope you guys are settling into life in NE easily, must be nice to have friends and family nearby. btw, what are you guys going to be doing for work there? And please be sure to give us your new address so we can keep our address book up to date. Take care!

  9. You rule braker you! I am also one…they say not to use pillows..Both boys have used pillows from pretty much the begining to keep them proped up and not be congested at night and gag. Whatever works for you is great! Now Evan gets mad if we don’t have his pillow in there =)

    Oh and I would have to say I LOVE Scooters too!!
    Glad you made it home safely!!

  10. I’m so glad you made it to Omaha safely! Just wanted you to know, Chloe was such a happier baby and sleep more soundly being on her belly. Even when they start rolling over, which Gideon has already done, they’ll end up on their bellies anyway:) He’ll be fine:) Give my love to your mom and dad!

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