It’s Official

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The kid is walking. 

When we got home on Sunday he was so excited to be back in his own space that his little cheeks must have been aching from the love of it all.  He was taking it all in and then he just started moving toward his windows and his dada and his mama without first crouching down and sprinting on his knees.  He’s still wobbly and crawling is still much faster, but he’s now managed the entire length of the living room without so much as a hand or a pant leg squished between his little digits. 

I’ll attempt to capture it all on camera for your soon.  Most of the time my hands are still not far away from either side of him, just waiting for the fall.  Once he’s got his balance a bit more, or there are other hands to help, we’ll document this monumental development and share.

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  1. It’s only logical! One has to be able to walk to pull the little red wagon that Poppy & Grandma are wrapping up for the b-day party!

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