It’s Pretty Much Done

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Did I mention that we are putting a new deck on our house? Well, that’s what happens when your deck rots out.  The old deck was nearing the hazard state (we didn’t let the Gid out there without shoes on and frequently worried about splinters in his knees and hands).  When we decided to do the job, we contacted our friend Derrick about heading up the project.  That was the best decision we could have ever made.

The dude is awesome.  We have nothing but completely positive things to say about his incredible knowledge, skill and work ethic.  He knew exactly what needed to get done and guided the other friends who were here to help with ease.  The best part is that Derrick is incredibly positive and laid back about all of it.  When we changed how we wanted it laid down?  He was all “no problem” and adjusted without complaint or stress.  If you’ve got something you need done, he is the man to do it. We will call him when it’s time to finish the basement in a few years and when we get ready to replace some siding on our house too.

The very best part of redoing our deck is that Gideon has had a perfect view of all the work through the sliding glass door.  It’s kind of like having Bob the Builder in your backyard for a week. Gideon affectionately refers to Derrick as “The Man” and has frequently yelled out in sheer delight “Tools!” and “Truck!” and “Wrench!”.

Part of our deal with Derrick was to feed him whenever he was working,  so Gideon has warmed up to him pretty quickly as they munch on meatloaf and mac-n-cheese, hamburgers and tacos.  He’s usually pretty quiet around people he doesn’t know, but Derrick has been brought into his circle of trust with break neck speed, so much so that last night, while getting ready for bed we were going over who loves him and who he loves and The Man was right up there with Poppy and Daddy.

Now that the project is all over (save the staining) and we won’t be seeing Derrick as much, Gideon is going to have to adjust to just seeing him at church.  It might be a hard transition, but I think we can at least distract him by letting him play outside on our awesome new deck.

(Pictures to come soon)


  1. Wow. Can he come do a deck for us? We need to do that bad, but have no time or know-how. congrats on your new deck, enjoy!

  2. I kind of miss you a lot.

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