It’s Probably Not That Far Away

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We’ve had a strange week here and part of that is no doubt related to the vacation hangover and also the real life smack to the face that came full force on Monday. If I’ve spoken with you this week please take whatever I said and delete it. I shouldn’t be held responsible for any of it. Or, obviously, I should be, but I’d prefer to never be reminded of it again.

In light of the surrealness of this week I’ve been doing odd things…not cleaning very much, attempting to nap once or twice and failing miserably, watching parts of sappy Christmas movies while I work. Pretty embarassed about that last one. Seems like something a lazy stay at home mom would do, right?

I may have wanted to watch it because last night while driving home from a meeting, I was flipping channels and ran across Christmas music. I was simultaneously repulsed and excited. It’s the kid’s first one and it’s also a lot of work. In a normal year, with normal expectations I think Christmas is tons of work with little pay off. Having a kid means someone gets much more excited about the lights and the presents and the egg nog (yeah, the last one is me [only because Jud is always excited about egg nog, well a very specific kind of egg nog, actually]). This year the toy hunt is much more difficult because of China.

And the lead.

And without further ado, I give you: A Place to Look For Toys that Will Not Kill or Dumb Down Your Children.

Happy shopping.

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