Its raining in Baltimore…

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Its been a busy weekend. Kim is in Maryland right now as she attended a wedding. I guess its rained the whole time there. I would have really like to have gone with her but airfares were pretty expensive when we bought her ticket. She was able to visit my Grandparents today – I think they like her more than me, as they should. She really is wonderful. I’m exicted to pick her up from the airport tomorrow afternoon.

This weekend has been a bachelor weekend of sorts for me. My friend Daniel’s wife (Jenn) is gone as well so we’ve been hanging out a lot over the past two days. Last night we played the legendary Settlers of Catan with some people involved in an apartment ministry that pays for their rent so long as they minister to those in the apartment complex. It seems like a pretty good deal.

Today I hung out with Daniel and another guy named Brandon and watched football for about 6 hours straight. First the OU/TX game which was disappointing for Daniel who is an Oklahoma native and cheers for OU in spite of the fact that he’s an alumnus of Oklahoma State. Secondly, we watched the Texas Tech/Nebraska game which as many of you know was disappointing.

Tomorrow morning were going to visit Tony Evans’ church. It should be a really interesting experience. From what I’ve read by Tony Evans, he seems to be right on and I’m excited about what he’s doing for the urban populations with his outreach ministry. Today I got our tickets for the Baylor vs. Nebraska game in Waco next Saturday. If nothing else it will be good to get out of the city for a while and see some new scenery. Today’s game was pretty dissappointing even though I’m pretty excited about how well we were able to keep up with Texas Tech. I knew that if we continued to keep teams in games to the very last minute (i.e., the last two games), we would eventually lose.

Last week I began the second portion of a class that I’m taking. The first half focused on research and the Seminary’s standard use of Turabian formatting. The second half of the class is on the spiritual life. My instructor is Ramesh Richard who is involved in a ministry called RREACH which focuses on evangelism and discipleship with an emphasis upon pastors in other countries. From listening to him speak about the Lord I am continuously encouraged. If any of you are interested in learning more about Dr Richard, there are a couple books that you could check out on the spiritual life that he has written: Soul Passion and Mending Your Soul.Posted by Picasa

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  1. Welcome home Kim. 🙂
    Very cute picture of the two of you. Jud, those long arms are amazing.

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