I’ve Never Loved [A Machine] Like This Before

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So, I’ve had the same vacuum for about eight years or something like that.  My mom bought it for me when I was in my first apartment after the other one I had was officially declared to be ancient.  I’d gone out to buy some new bags for it and low and behold they didn’t make them anymore.  Standing in the aisle at SugerTarget, I swore myself off of vacuum bags forever.

And then I got the bagless one.

It was always dusty and difficult to clean and even though it was okay at sucking up the dirt, I always inhaled the dust like KoolAid whenever I emptied the canister.  Recently, (okay so it was while we were still in Texas), it started getting a funny smell whenever I used it.  I’d have to time out how long it would take for the smell to disapate so that I would leave enough time before people came over to air out the house.  It doesn’t have a belt, so that isn’t the problem. I was emptying out the canister before it was even close to full, so that isn’t what’s wrong.  I’m pretty sure it’s the motor.  And that can mean only one thing. 

Time for a new vacuum. 

But I’m gun shy about buying appliances.  I’ve too often made the wrong choice and kept using the less than desirable thing for decades. What I want to do is take a few vacuums home from the store and use them a couple of times to see how I like them. So, I’d been ignoring the problem by using the attachments on the carpet.  It takes forever and it’s back breaking, but at least the sock fuzz was gone.

And then my parents bought this:

My dad delivered it this morning for it’s test run.  Whoo boy. I don’t really need to try anything else out. I just need to go to Sears and get one. You should get one too. Just trust me.  If you don’t want to take my word for it, you can always just listen to Amy.


  1. I knew I would make a believer out of you eventually. Seriously, Kenmore should send us a check for our shameless plugs of their products.

  2. I may have to look into those, I’ve been keeping an eye out for good vacuums. I have a Kenmore but it’s a canister, instead of an upright. We call it the “octopus-vac” because it’s seriously a pain to have to drag it out to clean our super-small house. But it works good, so I haven’t bothered to replace it yet. Someday though…

  3. So how much is the ransom? Trade the vacuum for the kid?

  4. Sorry, Poppy. No dice.

    How about the vacuum for Taco Salad?

  5. We too had a bagless and it did nothing. As soon as we bought a bag vacuum there is NO turning back!! As much as I vacuum I need something that does the job multiple times a day! Its so amazing. You would think I was having a love affair I love my cleaning devices! Next thing you will need is a steam cleaner…boys do wonders to your carpets, its quite discusting. *rolls eyes* 🙂

  6. Me + that vacuum = love

    (also, Rick and Paula get more for their money 😉 )

  7. I know, right? This vaccum is going to have so many dates.

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