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We are back from Colorado now and really I could not be happier to be home, unless my home was up in one of those fantastic mountains. That would be fabulous. We had a fantastic time out there – swimming and visiting a Lego store and ‘climbing a mountain’ and celebrating with our friends at their wedding and eating Chick-fil-a too many times and and and. The kids were nigh unto perfect, keeping their stuff together for everything and warning us when they were going to loose it.

My parents came with us, which meant tons of flexibility for Jud and me. Let me just give a big old shout out to how awesome those two are on a daily basis. They went completely over the top on this trip. They took the kids whenever it got late and we needed to stick around for something (like watching the end of the Husker game at Fox and Hound. See? NEEDS). I did not bathe either one of the munchkins the entire time we were there, nor did I have to get into the pool or worry about if everyone was fed and clothed. There were three other adults who were taking care of it all and it really did feel like a vacation for me. I’m not sure what they would say about those five days, but hopefully they enjoyed the time too.

When we pulled up in the driveway yesterday, just before supper time, reality came rushing in. I put toys and books back into their rightful homes. Jud started laundry. I pieced together a meal. The kitchen got cleaned and the kids were tucked into their own beds way before 7pm. I packed Gid’s back pack for preschool today. I put toothbrushes back into the cabinet. We sat down and watched a little football and a 9/11 documentary. We woke up and jumped into our day. Welcome back routine! Now if only we can add some mountains in there somehow.

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