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May is the most insane month of all the months in our year. We have birthdays and mother’s day and our anniversary and graduations and weddings and bridal showers and baby showers. One moment I’m decorating Alderaan and the next moment I’m sitting at a splash park wondering where the last thirty days went.

It went to Gideon’s Star Wars party (an entire post will be given to this…soon?). It went well and he still loves to go over the pictures from his day.

It went to brunches at Baileys (why did I not know about this play before?). I had some kind of egg dish and a mimosa while the Greer slept on Poppy’s shoulder, Gideon and Piper devoured their meals. YiaYia enjoyed her…waffle? pancakes? something sweetish? How terrible that I can’t remember! The most interesting part was when we pulled up and backed in next to a sweet car that looked like it had been rifled through and its driver door was wide open. No one was around. Poppy eventually found the owner who seemed put out about it all. That kind of reaction can really make you wonder about people.

It went to four days of a friend in town from out of town. We went to Corkscrew and Flemings. There was some dancing and yogurt parfaits and no air conditioning in 80 degree heat. There was a bright orange sweater purchase and conversations about things I’d never put on the internet.

It went to nights spent celebrating friends’ graduations in backyards and with cake and fun.

It went. And now we’re spending our days outside as much as possible (which is how I got this burn on my skin, unlike all of those burns I usually get from the oven). It’s summer and we’re enjoying it. Things are happening, but I’m trying to keep from planning much. I’ll keep you posted.

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