Just Giving The People What They Want

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I know. I know.

He’s growing like a weed. He’ll be two months old on Wednesday and he can already roll over (from his tummy to his back), click his tongue back at you after you click yours at him (and then he laughs and laughs), steal your heart with any one of his cute faces.

He loves baths and bouncing. He likes meal time, but only if you do not bring a bottle anywhere near his mouth. Bottles are terrible. So are pacifiers.

His thumb might be better, if he could ever find it. For now, he settles for the fist.

We’re sleep training this week and I could pull my own hair out listening to him cry with all of his might from time to time. But, it’s getting better fast and the sleep log I’m keeping shows his progress.

I think he’s super smart. I think he’s unbelievably cute. I think I’ll always think those things.

Here you go.

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  1. Oh my gosh–those pictures are so adorable! Very cute!

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