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Well, sort of.

Here’s a part of the email I got from Cara at Relevant.

Hi! Just wanted to let you know your quote (about getting married on memorial day) was selected to appear in a book we’re publishing next spring called Cheap Ways to Tie the Knot! We are peppering the book with little insightful quotes from readers who shared their insight into planning different aspects of the wedding for cheap. It will add some visual interest and give the reader a sense that they’re not the only ones who are trying to save $$ on the wedding.

So, that was a nice surprise. It’s not big deal, really, but of course, it is nice to see that someone thought my thoughts would make a nice addition to their book. Thanks for the pat, relevant.

I know my posts have been sort of, um, negative, but I think I may have turned a corner on my attitude last night. It was like a switch tripped while I was driving back home after Jud and I went to a Shabbat service and Lori Chafer was singing about how God heals her wounds and kisses her scars while she was in Muncie Indiana and that was it. I felt calm and at home and able to let all of the air out of my lungs for the first time in a month. Maybe it had something to do with football starting again. Nothing like looking forward to a Husker game to make me feel like myself again.

Jud is doing homework right now — Greek stuff. It’s nice to hear his words tumble out like half baked cakes. He’s kind of mumbling and saying half the word as he breathes. It reminds me of the year 2000 and all the vocab I once knew from 1 John. I’m glad he remembers so much from when he learned all of this before.

Work is going well. I’m getting to know people that work around me and I’m enjoying their quirks and jabs and all. Since I got there the entire company has been hit by viruses and we’ve had surges that have taken out servers and monitors and all sorts of technological problems for which I am taking the blame. Every once in a while, when some other mini-tragedy occurs, someone will shout out “This is all Kim’s fault”. To which I reply “That’s right. Aren’t you glad I’m here?” And people laugh. It’s not real humor. It’s office humor. The kind where no one would actually laugh if it happened anywhere else, but the cubicles must put off some sort of toxin that gets in your head and makes things seem amusing that aren’t. I suppose I’m equally guiltly for perpetuating that which isn’t funny, but I feel like a 7th grader trying to make friends with the freshman. I have thoughts like “maybe I should make some cheese ball and bring it in for everyone” and “i should make mini cakes this weekend, decorate them and leave one on everyone’s desk that I’m getting to know. This would be 10 cakes. TEN. I always knew I thought food was the answer to everything, but these thoughts are haunting me. “Should I make those mexican roll ups or a few pans of enchiladas?” None of this will probably ever happen, which is probably good because I’m pretty sure it reveals a part of myself I should keep quiet at work.

I’d better go get cleaned up so that I can hit the library before it closes and then we are off to meet up with the North Texans for Nebraska crowd. I painted my toe nails Husker red in honor of the game (and probably, to make people like me without necessary using food “oh, look at her pretty toe nails. I should really be her friend”).



  1. wow, congrats! (now if i can only find a reason to buy the book 😉

  2. What?! You mean food might not be the solution to all social issues? I am guilty for introducing the school staff, church members and anyone who has gone through a tragedy in our neighborhood to cinnamon rolls, brownies and tacos. None of which are cultural here in NE Brazil. Hey, if Paul said that we should feed our enemies, can you imagine what some good food will do for our friends?!?! 🙂

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