Kinkos Can Keep It

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I’ve been working on a special project. This should amaze you because I am not a craft person. I don’t make things involving thread, stitching, hot glue, neatly punched corners of paper, stickers, pictures or anything else of that nature. It’s just not in me. I don’t really want it to be, mostly because all of those things cost, what I deem to be, foolish amounts of money.

What do I do? This is it. I blog. It’s free. It’s expressive. I can sort of be creative (maybe not right now, or in the last week, month, year or what-have-you. But, you know, if I wanted to be, I could). Yeah, so I write. And I have written something that I was going to share with most of you (some of you, I can’t because I don’t know you….like you, person in Herndon VA whom I’m guessing I have not met, but would maybe like to because you read here sometimes and I hope that means you like what I write. Hi! But I can’t send you my project because I don’t have your address). Then I ran into a ridiculous snag.

Last night, after eating my delicious baked potato with broccoli, onions, cheese and sour cream (I know!), Jud and I packed it up and drove off to Kinkos where I was misled by an employee in training and then scoffed at by a real employee who wanted to charge me $1.25 for each color copy. This man lives in a world where you can’t change prices of things and instead of adjusting one’s price to accommodate a customer who might go elsewhere and thus save the business for your own company, you just encourage them to go elsewhere by saying things like “oh, you can get these a lot cheaper somewhere else.” Yes. Yes, I can. And now, obviously I will. Somewhere like my own house where a printer cartridge full of toner will print off enough of these (and then some) to make me happy and still leave plenty of money in my pocket.

The non-color copies looked really unprofessional. The toner was uneven and a little streaky. There were four machines near my machine that had “out of order” signs on them without a repairman in sight. I’d already been fighting the overwhelming urge to scream, but instead of staying and fighting, I just took flight. To WalMart, where Jud purchased a toner cartridge, some paper and hopefully, a little chunk of my sanity back.

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  1. hi lady, don’t mean to ruin the mystery, but herndon va is me. i don’t understand why, but when i use the wireless it reads as va. no idea. mysterious reader revealed! huzzah!!!

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