Less Labor More Love

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Day three of this weekend was the best one of them all. I slept in a bit thanks to Jud not working and his enduring love that let’s me get more rest in the am than he does. We require very different amounts of sleep (me = the combined sleep of everyone who loves ‘the lazy song’ | him = the sleep requirements of an infant after a mother has gone to bed) which makes our life work, but every once in a while he needs me to take that early morning on a non-work day shift and I am a mess for the rest of the day (or until I take a nap after he gets up. Whichever).

Following my sleep, during which time Gideon and Jud played tennis in the garage and Piper slept in like her mama, I drank coffee and contemplated where to go for hair do das. That’s the technical term for the sparkly garbage we shove in Piper’s hair. The same garbage she rios out mere seconds after we put it in. This is one of these reasons she always looks a little but like a tipsy old lady. She is a flower girl this week in a lovely garden wedding that will be beautiful. We found flower barrettes with tiny jewels in the center that she loved. I’m sure there will be pictures. I hope her hair looks at least somewhat put together for them. Also I am hoping she makes it down the aisle and that her attitude is scented like the garden in which she will be. Walking and not like the fertilizer that made it so pretty. I’ll keep you posted.

I napped. Piper napped. Jud and Gideon cleaned out the van and made sure the DVD player and headphones were ready to go.

Tonight we celebrated the return of a friend with his family and basked in the glory of our children receiving attention from their favorite junior higher. We got there early and stayed much too late. The kids went down easily for bed, although I did just finish putting him back onto his mattress after a solid thud and some tears. He’s a big kid without a side rail and sometimes, when sleep is sound, it’s hard to remember not to roll that way.

Here’s to a great day of relaxing, preparation and friends. Back to the labor in the morning.

[this post brought to you by the iPad. All typos and oddities I blame on the woman who shouts corrections at me while I type. She is some kind of bossy, and she is usually wrong anyway. It’s like an even less accurate version of myself!]

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