Like 95% Sure

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Jud and I met up last night at the clinic where our friend who’d volunteered to do a free ultrasound was significantly backed up with other patients. So, we went to Chipotle where we consumed spicy meats in delicious wraps. Back to the clinic where we chatted with our friend’s husband, who comes up for protection purposes on the night they are open late. When it was finally time to get a peek, we got a pretty good one.

Here are a few of the good shots:

Baby arm and hand

Baby legs and foot

The arrow is pointing to the goods. What do you see?


  1. Yippey!! I’ll hold off on the manly overalls and plaid flannel shirts though (esp. since Jenn learned that lesson for us when Victoria turned out to be a “she” and not a “he”).
    Can’t wait meet this little guy in May!
    Love, Zanna

  2. YAY for BOYS!!!!!!!!!! I love them! I even said he at the Thanksgiving meal! I had a feeling it was a boy…but really who would know! So are you telling names or are you keeping it a secret??? So excited for you…and here’s hopes for you to come back for a baby shower for a boy!!! YAY!

    Katie Meester

  3. I’m sorry to reply via blog comments rather than on the phone…but, I’m not sure how my work schedule will allow for anything different over the next couple of days! How exciting for you and Jud!!! I can’t wait to hear more about this experience and what it was like to find out that you’re 95% sure =) this child is a boy!!! YIPPPEEE SKIPPEROO!!! =) Have a wonderful day, my friend! And, just think: what was supposed to be for Isaac may soon enough be for your precious one…he’ll be the most stylish boy ever!!! ha! =)

  4. So what are the nursery colors going to be?

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