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It’s gone!  The cast came off yesterday and the x-rays revealed all is healed.  Thank God. The odor that was released into that room was unbelievably offensive, which is a key part of the story that Gideon tells about the cast coming off.  None of it is in English, but if you witnessed the removal and subsequent dismissal of the cast, you’d know immediately that he is reinacting the whole experience for you. 

The dead skin is still flaking off, but the bath he received last night removed the stench.  He’s still favoring the arm and the doctor said that he may take a few days or weeks to get back to using it regularly.  I’m good with that. Maybe he’ll slow down for a second or two. 

Maybe not.

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  1. Fantastic! So glad that all went smoothly! I’m praying for that little Gideon of yours.

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