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Hey there brand new Mamas. I hear you want to cloth diaper your baby that is still gestating or is yet fresh. Congratulations on that kind of awesomeness. Feels kind of like entering into an insane hippie world where I will be forced to make my own granola too (I’m sure it is delicious! I love reading your recipes! I just buy Cascadian Farms because it is so EASY).

In spite of those patchouli scented fears, I will admit that I SOMETIMES, every so often, when everything is not aligned, think about it. Should I jump in and get a system? Should I be the only one in this house who diapers the next baby? Would this change how much sleep I get post partum?

These thoughts have nowhere to go. Scratch that. Had nowhere to go. For now, the incredible Amalah has written down her thoughts on it all. They are good thoughts. Thoughts you may or may not be interested in reading. If not, don’t click. If you are, here’s where to look:

Post #1 – the preamble

Post #2 – the dirty truth

Post #3 – yet to come

Yeah. These were so good that I am posting a link to the third installment that is yet to come. Sorry, it was that good.

Thought you might want to read for yourself and perhaps jump into the comments over there or here or whatevs. Kisses, hippies!

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  1. So you don’t use cloth now? I’m on the fence, honestly for when the time comes. It really seems complicated, no matter how much people dumb it down and how they say they save money. And really, would I be the only one willing to change diapers? Cause that doesn’t seem too good.

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