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I work out sometimes. It’s fun because I feel better about myself and less jiggly in places I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t jiggle. Also, it makes my emotions more ——– instead of ///// which is helpful mostly to the people who would otherwise be forced to orbit around Kim’s Planet Crazy and hope that they weren’t close to entering my atmosphere. Additionally, I love hanging out in places that smell like feet and armpits.

Jud doesn’t really care for big monochromatic machines that whir and beep. He doesn’t like the idea of running for a long time and going nowhere. He wants achievement and progress and scoring – proof that something happened. Measurement other than the ones the red lines on the machine interface lie about. He misses Monday night basketball.

But five foot two and a prayer Kim refuses to throw a ball at a basket against six foot four and not even trying Jud (If you’ve ever seen her attempt the shooting, you would know that it is poor even without a man who’s wing span is greater than his height blocking her).

Jud’s smart though. He thought of something else that would provide countless hours of entertainment, agility increasement and opportunities to totally rock.


We bought the rackets last night and a few balls too.

Game on.

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  1. Brian Savinsky better watch his back! I’ll be a tennis pro before he knows it.

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