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So our template got hosed. Hang on. We’ll make ‘er purty soon.


  1. I think this blog died and forgot to tell us. I’m going to hang out at Sam & Tawnya’s blog. They have good pictures.

  2. Ok I have to LOL at Rebecca’s comment. I was wondering where ya all went too???

  3. the truth is that I’m working on the new website for CBC right now and it’s very close to launching. Once it’s up, then I think I can get back to blogging. In the meantime, every moment I spend on the interwebs (and you know I’m on this thing a ton) are dedicated to that endeavor.

    so, less dead, more a coma. let’s all join hands and pray that it will rally soon. Mmmkay?

    And, you should hang out on the Smiths. Their site is awesome. The end.

  4. Ya, I saw you coming up to the church when I was dropping Elijah off at preschool last week! BUSY BUSY!!!

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