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Jaeger was born in September of 2002. His “registered” name is ridiculously Mr Rebel Jake. We think that is monstrous. Also, he is not AKC registered. It’s through some other phony place. We think that phony registrations for dogs are preposterous. However, we really really like Jaeger.

Our friends, Wally and Zanna, called today from the Mesquite Animal Shelter, where they took their dog, Gator (no, they were not dropping him off), for shots. They were having a special adoption/vaccine day or something and they had lots of dogs to adopt out. Zanna asked if they had any dachshunds and they did, so off we drove to Mesquite.

When we got to the shelter we heard Zanna’s laughter and found them right away (Zanna has a very adorable and distinctly Southern woman laugh…you’d lover her as much as I do right away). She took us over to Jaeger, who was then going by Jake. They handed him over and he snuggled up in the most adorable Pogo-esque hug I’ve received in, what has it been since that dog died….six years? Something like that. Anyway, he isn’t beautiful….I’m not a huge fan of the dapple coat, but Jud and I are both pretty huge on personality and not so focused on the exterior (Jenn and Hansy did you do your Bible study homework for Monday night? There’s a lesson in there on physical beauty and how much emphasis our society puts on it and it just seemed so fitting for my dog choice. He’s not much of the traditional dachshund beauty, but man, is he sweet!). After we played with him for a bit and he didn’t make a sound we realized that he was coming home with us.

He’s had his shots and is on heart guard to keep those pesky worms away and he’s been microchipped too, so he wasn’t exactly cheap, but he wasn’t terribly expensive either. He rides great in the car, is learning to do his business while on a leash and LOVES Jud. He also loves lying on our furniture, but has yet to even nibble on the bone we bought him. I’m sure we’ll keep you posted.



  1. You forgot to mention that Jaeger (aka Jake) used to be the mack-daddy STUD! I’ll let you explain that one! =)

    We’re about to leave for our SF group cookout. We figure if the other couples can bring their ELEVEN kids (b/t 3 couples), then we can bring our ONE child…okay, so he’s an 80-lb. dog named Gator…this should be interesting?!

    Have a wonderful week!!
    ~ Wally, Zan, & Gator

  2. congrats on the new dog! mesquite animal shelter kinda sounds like a BBQ place 🙂

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