Melting in His Mouth

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Gideon has had an explosion of speech the past couple of days. I’m not sure that I am fully comprehending all of it and should probably pay a little more attention to the syllables that are constantly tumbling out of his mouth.  

Case in point: On Saturday we were at my parents’ home so that we could watch the game (we have basic cable whereas they have every station known to man and two that are from Mars). I was putting together a potato casserole for dinner while Gideon, I assumed, was having some kind of meltdown about the fact that I was not at that exact moment giving him my full attention. I told him something along the lines of “Mommy is busy, just one moment” when my own mother interpreted his state-of-the-child address.  She simply stated “I think he’s asking for cheese.” And indeed, when I looked down, he was rubbing his chest (Sign language for please) and repeating one word over and over again. It went like this “Cheese! Cheese! Cheese! Cheese!” while the other arm was wrapped around my leg, his eyes watching every move I made with the bag of cheddar.  The thing was that it sounded more like the last part of the word “au jus” than cheese. You can understand then, why I didn’t quite catch it. You know, that and I was thinking about how awesome those potatoes were going to taste in my mouth. 

Yesterday he grabbed the corner of a pillow and told me it was a billow.  

Today he screamed wildly about a truck that he saw when we were leaving for home after having lunch with Jud. 

And then there was this morning when I, rhetorically, asked him what he wanted for breakfast.  Without hesitation he said “Em Em Em Em Em Em Em.” Later in the day, after stopping off at the bakery on the way home for cheap bread, he remembered them again and cried all the way home “Em Em Em Em Em Em Em.”  I’m happy to report that he still has not had a shiny, multi-colored chocolate treat today. But when he asks, it is so cute that I almost forget about protecting him from sugar.  M&Ms, baby.  Just wait until you get to try the peanut kind.

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  1. maybe he speaks with a french accent? Winter did that for a while 🙂

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