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Hi Kids! Today was not as busy and I got tons of work done but kind of lost steam at the end of the day. When I got home I got to participate in my favorite hobby, napping. It was fabulous until I woke up sweaty and disoriented. Jud was at class, learning some more Greek and so I ate enough salsa to feed at least one trailer full of illegals and then I had some dessert. I am stuffed.

After dirtying more dishes, I decided that I had to tackle the dishes we’d dirtied last night (just so that you know we are not complete slobs, we rinsed them last night. Which, you know, rinsing is very close to washing. It has three essential elements of washing: dirty dish, scrubbing utensil and water. Their like brother and sister, rinsing and washing, only you better make sure you do both of them or something won’t be quite right the next time you go to use the dish, so maybe they are more like conjoined twins or something). It took me a full on hour to wash them all, but I chatted with Paula for a good portion of the time, almost making me not notice how disgusting the water was, in spite of the rinsing the night before. Anyway, here’s the finished product:
(I’m not sure you really get a good perception of the depth of the counter top that holds the dishes in this picture, but at least you have some idea of the mess we created the night before)

Jud is working hard again to fill his brain with more knowledge. That only worries me because of the many smart people who start to loose touch with things like, um, reality. Mostly I am thinking of a story about an old DTS prof who was incredibly forgetful. His wife would take him to the airport so that he wouldn’t miss his plane and one time he missed it because he was so wrapped up in the book he was reading that he completely didn’t hear the boarding call…the plane was in the air before he realized he didn’t make it. He rescheduled his flight for the next morning and his wife took him back to the airport. He was supposed to be flying out for a conference in california but the men at the conference got their second phone call from him saying “Bad news, I missed my plane again. The good news is that I’m almost done with the book.”

I’m sure my Jud will never get THAT wrapped up in his studies. I always know that a little football or some good food will snap him right out of it.

Check out these two adorable cards I got in the mail last week!

From Jenn:
Doesn’t she make beautiful cards?! She made this one with Target! Now that’s my kind of card making!

From Mom:
I guess her grandpa car just isn’t cutting it these days…even if she could totally beat you off the line with it.

Plus I got another one yesterday from Laurie with pictures of Q and Yofi (but my batteries ran out so, you’ll just have to imagine it’s beauty).

You people and your card writing and sending just put me to shame!

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  1. Good job on the dishes. But I have a dishwaster! Named Luke. that’s right, Luke does our dishes. He also wants me to rub it in that it is very cool and rainy here.

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