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We always knew that our life in Omaha was busy. Back before our move to Texas we had quite a bit going on, mostly related to my work at the church and all of our great friends’ activities.

When we moved down to Dallas, we initially didn’t know many people at all. I worked a job that could be left at the office at quitting time. Jud worked from home. He had a lot of school work to do; work that was assigned from one of the most prestigious seminaries in the country. It was not easy work, but my husband is pretty much brilliant, so even when it was hard, it was never too time consuming. We went to church, but we didn’t have to be there to unlock the doors and lock them up too. Over the past two years we had a lot of freedom and not a ton of responsibilities.

Now that we are back in Omaha, we can feel the wheels starting to slowly gain speed and it’s both good and bad. It’s bad for this little site because it is the first thing that gets neglected. It’s good for our little guy because he has lots of opportunities for people to love on him. It could be bad for us because it’s easy to loose track of each other when we’re on the go so much. But it could be good for us because we are more intentional about our time together. It’s hard to get so involved here because we loved all of the down time we had for each other. There were so many nights we spent just the two of us, making each other laugh and cuddling on the sofa and talking about life. It’s hard not to miss those days.

We’re trying to keep the wheels from spinning too fast, but we know the past two years were pretty selfish ones too. We love being in community with other people, but we didn’t do a ton of it. We love ministering through our local church, but we didn’t do a ton of it. Now that opportunities for both of those things pop up almost every night, it’s hard to find the balance. We’ll try to stay more connected, but I can’t promise you that we won’t get over-committed to other things from time to time. I guess you’ll know what speed we’re at by how often we post here.

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  1. Don’t feel guilty about the newfound busy-ness…people are more important than tasks…like the unending task of updating your blog:) We are so happy for you guys to be a part of the Omaha community again.

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