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da, dah, da, da, da dah

So we had a GREAT weekend with our friends, Jeremy, Sam & Tawnya. If I knew where the camera was right now, I’d prove it to you. Here’s the run down….

They got in on Thursday night while Jud was at class after driving out of a snow storm, and into a fire storm, leaving the interstate that was closed for said fire. Although it took them 14, yes, fourteen hours to get here, they did not despair and were in fact excited to finally be in the Bid D. It was something like 86 degrees that Thursday, but by the time they got here it was windy and turning cold. We pretty much just hung out and talked on Thursday night and I went to work the next day. I think the guys played video games.

Friday came and I went to work where I continued my battle against the stomach. I have no idea what happened to me last week, but starting on Wed night I had these intense hot stabbing pains in my stomach. I heard all sorts of ideas on why I was hurting….everything from ulcers and gird to b a b i e s. I don’t think any of those things are correct now because all of the pain is gone and I feel fine. Oh, and for all of you rooting, for the last one (mother), it’s most assuredly not a b a b y. By the time I got home on Friday afternoon I was pretty sure that my insides were this close to exploding, so we decided to go out for Mexican food (mexican food + stomach pains = good times). We went to this place called Zuzu and it was just okay. The prices were low (nice) but the food wasn’t anything I couldn’t do at home (meh), and really I could probably do it better at home. Sam & Tawnya had driven over to Sam’s uncle’s place to visit and tell them about CFS, so it was just Jud and Jeremy and me. We rented Farenheit 9/11 and Farenhype 911. We watched the left wing one on Friday and the right wing one on Saturday. Political conversations ensued. Good thing we are all of the same opinion on most things political or that could’ve been bloody. Sam and Tawnya came back and I think the guys played video games.

Saturday dawned bright and early, although I was not awake for the bright or early parts. After being the last one out of bed I made my way downstairs and cooked breakfast with Sam. He made the sausage gravy and I made the biscuits and smoothies. It was delicious! Then we went to the Farmer’s Market and bought green peppers and squash. The green pepper man gave us some jalapenos for free! Thank you very cold farmer’s market merchant! Your suggestion to “spice up your world” was followed and spiced up it was. Then we went to scary WalMart. It was a normal experience for us and a bit disturbing for our friends. The strange carnival-esque music and ridiculous outfits were excellent entertainment. Later, one of our friends said it was strange to not see anybody who looked like us there. True. When we got back we watched the movie and then made brats. Also, I fell asleep. I think the guys left for a while. I don’t remember. Supper was so good. Brats, baked beans, squash medley and onions and peppers. D-licious! It took us two hours to get through the meal and we loved every minute of it. I’ll show you pictures of our science experiment when I find the camera. Saturday night was more video game playing while I bored Tawnya with pictures.

Sunday was church and Tawnya sang with Jenn to lead music. I’ll fill you in on the details of the church stuff in a different post because the details, they are many. We went out to eat at Pei Wei and stuffed ourselves with delicious Chinese Bistro delights, Daniel and Jenn came too. When we got home we did something, but I can’t remember what. Then Jeremy, Sam, Tawnya and I played Settlers and….I won! I’ve played twice and won twice! I LOVE that game!! Tawnya and I went over to Jenn’s and met up with Hancey over there too. We watched a movie and chatted for a bit and eventually got home around 11:30. Then we stayed up and talked some more until we finally said goodnight.

I slept until noon today. The friends, they are fun. The sleep, it was too short. Now I’m off to help Zanna babysit a friend’s kids because the parents are so sick. I’m off to the Baby Factory (aka Swiss Tower)!



  1. What a wonderful synopsis of our weekend! It was fun to re-live it while reading. And no Kim, you did NOT bore me with pictures….I loved catching up through pictures on all the stuff of your life we’ve not been able to be a part of. By the way…I think I last saw your camera on the end table by the door….but you’ve probably already looked there:)

    Wish we could come down every weekend…but I don’t know if we can handle brush fires and wintery blasts that often…we might have to become super heroes if that were the case.

  2. you would make really awesome super heros. think of all the things you could scrapbook! saving the chidren from the fires and helpless women from icy winds and snow. also, think of the outfits! okay, so maybe spandex isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but if anyone could pull it off, it would be the two of you!!

    Also, thank you for the beautiful card you sent! It’s going to hang on my fridge for all to admire.

    Finally, I’m going to go post pictures of our science experiment now.

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