Monday, Monday

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This morning, like most mornings, my alarm buzzed at a quarter til 5 and I got up, dressed for the gym and headed downstairs. I put my clothes for work, my gym bag and my work folder into the car and went back in to get my nourishment for the day. I re-blended my smoothie (equal parts vanilla yogurt and orange juice, one frozen banana and a few frozen strawberries) and grabbed my lunch from the fridge. Ready to go, I hopped in the car and…nothing. Not a thing. No turning over. No friendly radio. I went back inside and woke my husband because, if nothing else, he should at least be awake while I am freaking out. He came downstairs and confirmed that, yes, i should call AAA. I call. I get ready for work and I pray.

I pray that all will work out for this day that God clearly had a different plan than the one I did. I pray that this will be a simple fix and covered by my warranty. I pray that Jud and I can fit our schedules together so that we can both get done what we need to with one car. Just as I am putting the finishing touches on my makeup (that entire process takes about 3 minutes, so finishing touches is really the entirety of my makeup-ing adventure), the AAA tow-truck comes rumbling into our back alley. The man grumpily (it’s barely 6am now) gets out, grabs his little battery magic thing and jumps my car. Before I can come back outside from running in to grab my purse, he is backing out of our alley and my car is running. Just a jump. No need to replan the rest of the day’s events.

All the time.

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