Monday Morning

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I set up the Christmas tree on Saturday and thought so much about the first time I set it up when we were in Dallas. Seems like an eternity has passed since Jud was up in his office working on some paper and I was downstairs listening to our neighbors and watching super cheap cable tv. After dinner, there were too many dishes to put in the dishwasher so I did the last of them by hand and was again reminded of all those days in our tiny Dallas kitchen with my hands getting pruney and dry.  Appropriate, I suppose, since we are going down for a visit later this week.

The Huskers beat Colorado so we can all focus on Texas now and that’s what we’re doing here too. Jud is planning to score some tickets for the game with Brandon and Jeremy.  I am planning to watch it in Zanna’s living room while the kids sleep through the yelling.  High hopes indeed.

Also in the hope category is the hope for well children this week and on the trip.  Gid sees the ENT on Wednesday to plan for another round of tubes? to close the gaping hole in his ear drum? to attempt a miracle of healing? All of the above.

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  1. oh my… this girl’s heart is hurting just a bit. i can’t hardly stand to think of your sweet family being relatively close without getting to visit! if only my brunch wasn’t this weekend. i’ve decided to carry on the tradition and know i will be blessed by it… just hoping that there will be some attendants and that they, too, will be blessed! i’ll most definitely be thinking of my dallas friends as there is so much nostalgia associated with this time of year.
    love you, friend.
    p.s. thanks for thinking of me with the christmas lites and tree! 😉

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