Name This Top Ten List

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10. Sickness in the children – It’s summer and I’m pretty sure there is a decree about children not getting sick right now. 

9. My child’s weight – He’s finally reached the twenty pound mark.  Thanks, Vitamin D milk!

8. Planning things that others don’t want to do – Just wishing that the effort applied would always be applicable to the masses.

7. Recession – It’s officially not a recession right now and even if we are heading there, everybody getting their underwear in a bunch only makes it get there faster. 

6. Saving the earth – I’m sorry, but I’m doing the best I can right now with raising a child.  Someone else is going to need to invent better fuel cell technology. Now I’m going to the pool.

5. Saving Rosenblatt – I didn’t want it to go either, but it’s over.  The stadium is on its way to being a parking lot. Mecca voted.  The city council is done.  Why keep those signs up in your yard?  Just move to NoDo if you still want baseball in your neighborhood.

4. People hurting children in bizzaro ways – Consider yourself on notice, Fox News.  I am not going to click on those teasers about people overdosing their kids on coke or any other perverse thing you can publish to get higher ratings. I am no better for knowing and I don’t think I can take it anymore.

3. Things that can’t be fixed – Do you have the power to change this situation?  I didn’t think so.   Well then let’s stop talking about it because I’m tired of these huge ruts that have formed from spinning my wheels.

2. Gas prices – Yes, it’s more expensive.  No, I am not choosing between mah bay-bee’s medicines and driving to the tractor pull yet. 

1. The weather – Yes, that’s thunder and yes, that’s lightning.  I know it’s storming.  Everyone take a breath.


  1. you’ve got some good ones in there! I’m totally with you on #s 7 and 6, people whining about these issues drives me nuts! (and it’s actually been getting cooler, not warmer, but they don’t want you to question it because science is now driven by politics too). and good point on #4 too. Those news stories are just sick and I avoid them too.

    Sorry, I don’t have a name for your list though. “things that consciencious, hard-working citizens and mothers would like to say to other people?”

  2. Will I buy gas, food or life saving medication? I have to decide if I drive this month or I live this month. Government step in an save me!

  3. Is the title “things you could seriously worry about if you were allowed to worry as a christian”

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