Nebraska vs. Pitt

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Woah. Today’s football game was quite the nail-biter. Something has to happen with the offense eventually, perhaps having next week off will help out a little bit. Kim and I were fortunate enough to watch it on my laptop since the game is not part of our regional coverage. It wound up costing us $20 which we likely would have spent on food and drink if we would have gone out to watch it. Watching the game on a computer is definitely an experience, but not something I would recommend to those of you who could just watch it on TV. I’m sure our next door neighbor (Stacy) thinks we’re crazy for all the yelling and cheering she heard through my office wall.

Today we had our Spiritual Formation Group kickoff… To start out the day Kim woke up with a crazy cold and flu feeling (which later would get considerately worse) then we sat around with really no purpose at the actual meeting until noon. I really don’t understand why people spend so much money on things that are so worthless. I’ll save the rest of the commentary of our SF experience for Kim though. Posted by Picasa

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