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Last night I got a new chair. Goodbye to the crappy chair that I got for $30 dollars at Ikea. I like Ikea and everything but sometimes you simply get what you pay for. After experiencing back pain over the past six months because my chair was completely insufficient in the support it provides we decided that it would be a good idea to get a better chair so that’s what we did last night. I guess this purchase was an application of the select comfort philosophy where you spend so much of you life in this chair that you should make the most of that time. Since I spend at least 7 hours a day in the chair at my desk its time to make the most of that time.

In other strange chair-related news, Kim and I bought a chair for our downstairs living room (not that we have an upstairs living room though, its just that I’m writing this from the upstairs). Then we proceeded to transport it to our apartment from the store where we purchased it, or so we thought. When we went to load the chair into our car we quickly realized that it wasnt going to fit as it was in the box. So we had some store employees break the box down so we could load it in its parts. Well, being that we only had my Infiniti which is smaller than Kim’s Alero, we were only able to get two of the three parts into the car. Knowing that the Alero is bigger I drove the Infiniti about 10 minutes to our apartment and brought the Alero back. Now having the Alero we tried loading the major section of the chair into the car to no avail. Realizing that there was no way that we could possibly get this chair to our apartment, we decided to return it. However, to return the chair we had to have all the pieces, two of which were in my car which was back at the apartment. So, I once again drove home, loaded the pieces of the chair into the Alero and went back to the store. Eventually we were able to get rid of the chair which by that time I wanted nothing to do with. Later when we arrived back at our apartment our neighbor told us that we probably could have fit the chair in her car. So, the moral of this story is…

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  1. haha, dude that was a pretty good story. I feel your pain. Our car is completely insufficient for hauling anything. We had a very interesting time fitting our electric piano into our car. Eventually Dana had to ride the 30 minutes home in the back seat.

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