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Well, we thought it was time to give this blog a little different look…tell us what you think about it in the comments section. We really do want to know what you think, so get to Commentin!

Aside from website news, everything is going pretty well here in Texas. I met up with Kim and Ronke for lunch today at Chipotle, it was my first time out of the house in three days. While its nice to have no need to shower or wear shoes, at some point I think you begin to feel less than human. In fact, it kind of reminds me of a friend of mine who is very focused on minimalism to the point that he doesnt shave, shower, brush his teeth or use deodorant. He also has some great stories about the abundance of treasure one can find dumpster diving. I think a lot of his ideologies may be based upon how Patricarchs lived, however, it was clear that even the Patriarchs took time to practice some sorts of hygenic standards. I predict that his minimalism will only last until he meets a girl that he really likes. Because, minimalism, like its neighbor communism, will always be flawed by the innate desire to appear superior or at least appealing to others. That is unless she too is into being stinky.


  1. I like it. It’s pur-tee!

  2. Is there a reason that the picture of me and you and Kim is on the post which addresses personal hygiene?

  3. no. The picture was more of a response to your post on the previous post. I was basically just looking to post a picture. I can change it up…

    – Jud

  4. I was just joking – but I like the new picture.

  5. The new design looks great man. And it loads a lot better in Firefox, my browser of choice (and it rendering properly in MY browser should always be your main concer…or something).

    I may have to go to bat with you on the flaws of communism, and add that capitalism to is very flawed…but I’ll save that for an IM convo 🙂

    But I like showering. Shaving definitely is lame. So are ties.

  6. Brandon – That’s funny because somtimes when we use FireFox (which is most of the time, if we’re at home) it’s all jacked up.

    Most of our readers use ie, so we figure their view is fine, but we’ve been wondering about our fellow Foxy readers.

    Glad to hear it’s coming through loud and clear.

    Jud & Brandon – I’m sure you both think shaving is lame for yourselves, but what if your wives held that same opinion. Would you be okay with her shaving more like once a week? (This wife would be all about that!!!)

  7. Well, if the deal was that I never had to shave and she could shave once a week, I might be down with that. Although, it would have to be contractual, otherwise I could see her reneging on the agreement. Jud, I’ll write up the contract and email it to you 😉

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